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Yale partners with O2 and AT&T to create new smart home offering

Yale has announced a partnership with O2 and AT&T to bring a new smart home platform to the UK this summer. The platform will be introduced in selected areas north of London, before having a wider roll out later in the year.

Speaking at the AT&T Developer Conference in Las Vegas, O2 said it will be the first to offer services based on the AT&T Digital Life smart home platform in Europe. The operator is positioning O2 Home as the ‘complete smart home experience’ and is also partnering with thermostat company, Tado, as well as Samsung and Serco for cameras and Yale for locks.

Yale’s Keyfree and Keyless connected smart locks provide users with the ability to remotely to unlock their home from anywhere in the world, so guests, cleaners, carers or anyone who’s forgotten or lost a key or PIN code can be granted quick access.  The Yale smart locks can also keep track of who’s coming and going through the door and at what time, ideal for parents keeping an eye on teenage children or anyone paying for home services by the hour.


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