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Product review: Polyco Gloves

A lot of building workers, me included, struggle to do a job wearing gloves. My hands bear testament to the fact. These days it is more or less taken out of your hands, if the site rule is that you wear them then you wear them. But if you are going to wear them you might as well wear some good ones.

Polyco is a British glove manufacturer based in Enfield North London. They makes gloves both here and abroad for all kinds of trades from butchers and bakers to brain surgeons and even make an anti syringe glove, something I would have found invaluable in my early days of plumbing and drain clearing when I sub contracted for an inner city council.  I got called into all sorts of dodgy dives and you could never be sure where you were going to turn up a used syringe.

For those of you with more run of the mill requirements Polyco have some really good builders gloves. The ones I am using in the picture wouldn’t look out of place on Spiderman and, given the fact that they are super grippy,  they may well be the ones he uses?  They are coated with a kind of sticky rubber very similar to the stuff they use on Formula one tyres and climbing shoes. It makes you want to go off and climb a building. When I say it is sticky that doesn’t mean it picks up dirt, it has a kind of clingy quality.  The obvious drawback to these gloves is  that you will soon develop sweaty hands wearing these for a prolonged period so perhaps a pair of their breathable inter woven rubber coated gloves would suit you better. One thing is certain, they will have a glove for your requirements. Looking through their catalogue I was amazed to see just how many gloves there are and for jobs including chemical workers and glass handlers. There is also an intriguing little video showing somebody performing conjuring tricks wearing a pair of their gloves. If they allow enough dexterity for a person to make a coin or card appear and disappear from his palm then they will be plenty good enough for the average building worker.


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