5 Problems Solved This Week – ASB #4

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Roger’s house cheat sheet comes into play with Ask Skill Builder Episode 4. We take a look through your emails, Facebook messages and YouTube comments and Roger does his best to steer you in the right direction.

Jacob Ashton has good cold water pressure but as soon as he turns it to hot, the pressure drops and the shower is unusable.

Vinny Surti has a concealed thermostatic shower valve doesn’t get hot enough.

Jono Walsh is camera shy and would like to install solid wood flooring onto an asphalt floor.

Lee Henderson has cracked mortar and a few cracked bricks.

Noah Lott asks us about brick repointing but we suspect this one’s a prank but we loved it anyway!

Brickie Keith Bryden shows us some of his fine arched brickwork.

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Dylan Garton
Dylan Garton is a freelance video producer, camera operator, animator and editor. He also writes scripts, articles and develops websites. Cofounder of Skill Builder.

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