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BSS adds pump range

BSS, the heating and pipeline product distributer, has added a selection of quiet, reliable and robust Salamander pumps to its product range.

Whether mains- or gravity-fed, for individual items or for a whole system; the new range provides pumps to boost water pressures for both light commercial and domestic installations.

Products on offer include: HomeBoost Mains Water Pump; ESP Super Boost Packs; CT Force Pumps: and the CT Xtra Shower Pump. The entire range can be provided next day delivery.

The HomeBoost pump
The HomeBoost pump is suitable for a low mains flow supply, especially in multiple occupancy buildings. The product can be fitted directly onto the incoming mains and improves water pressure and flow either directly or indirectly via a combi boiler or mains pressure fed heating system. Where flow is between 1.5 litres per minute (lpm) and 12lpm, it will automatically intervene to increase this flow up to 12lpm.

The product offers a solution for larger housing estates or flats where the mains supply is poor, maybe only at certain times of the day or in top floor flats.

ESP Super Boost Packs
ESP Super Boost Packs are single-ended pumps designed to boost water flows to a single installation such as a combi boiler, electric shower or water heater, multiple showers or washing machines.

CT Force pumps
Designed for gravity-fed installations, CT Force pumps are available in positive head or universal (suitable for positive or negative heads) and can be single- or twin-ended to boost hot or cold water supplies, or both.

CT Xtra Shower Pumps

CT Xtra Shower Pumps, designed for positive head, gravity-fed installations are also WRAS-approved. Available as single- or twin-ended, the pumps will boost either the hot and cold water supplies or both, to thermostatic or manual shower mixer valves and a wide range of shower types and heads.

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