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How to: Franke Laser LSX651 sink installation

The Franke Laser LSX651 has a super slim low-profile edge that beds down onto the worktop to produce a sink that is virtually flush. This will keep the customers happy, but what’s in it for the installer?

Franke claims that their clipless sink, which has a patented spring clamp in the sides, is 10 times faster to fit. Despite being given the brief to test out the time saving element of the Franke Laser I am not even going to go there. Fitting a sink is not the sort of job you should rush. Having cut the masons mitre ready for the next run of worktop the last thing I wanted was to make an error on the cut-out so I took plenty of time and double checked every measurement. There are plenty of kitchen fitters out there who would do this in their sleep but I am always slightly nervous when cutting out worktops, one tiny slip up can cost you well over a £100 so why not take a little extra time to make sure it is right.

I began cutting the aperture in situ but when I realised that I was going to cut the rail of the carcass for no good reason (because the drainer sits within a 40mm worktop) I took the whole thing outside onto a set of trestles. The 1½ bowl model is a tight fit in a 600 base unit so you always need to measure carefully.

The sink uses a unique fitting system of barbs which grip the side of the cut-out so you have to make sure the cut-out is accurate. There is only a 10mm lip so don’t whatever you do stray over the pencil line. You also need to make sure the cut-out is plumb. Probably a better bet it to use a ½ inch twin flute router. Any trouble I have had with cut-outs is always caused by using bimetal blades. I gave up using these ages ago on this sort of job because they have a mind of their own and meander like mad through a deep cut. I now use the old fashioned stiff blade. It is better to break a blade or two than to have it waving in and out on the bottom of the cut.

The verdict

The Franke Laser is a good looking sink and not having to tighten clips up and fiddle around getting them past the rail edges is a major leap forward. I like the idea and, yes, it does save time but I used that time making the cut-out perfect because the 10mm lip scared me a bit. So long as you draw around the template and leave the line you will be fine.

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  1. Dear Roger . I am having a problem with the franke laser slim fix clip kitchen sink. It is coming up and at the back of the sink and I would like to know what you would suggest to correct this problem.

    It appears the slim fit clips are not holding any longer.

    Can you advise please.

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