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Celotex suspends sale of five insulation products

Insulation manufacturer Celotex, who supplied insulation to Grenfell Tower, has recalled five polyisocyanurate rigid foam board based product lines after one of the lines failed fire rating tests.

In a statement the company, which is part of the Saint-Gobain group, said: “After careful consideration, we have taken the decision to temporarily suspend supply of some of our 5000 product range in light of a recent and unexpected test result. This relates to Celotex FR5000, Celotex CG5000, Celotex CF5000 and Celotex SL5000 which share the same insulation core and facer.

“We recognise that this decision could have some practical implications for some of our customers for which we apologise. We hope in the present circumstances which are explained in further detail below, that customers will understand the reasons behind our decision.

“A sample of our 5000 product was tested under Parts 6 and 7 of British Standard 476 (“BS 476”) in 2011 and achieved a Class 0 fire rating.

“In April 2017, we sent a sample of RS5000 for independent testing under both Parts 6 and 7 of BS 476.  We were surprised when we learned, in August 2017, that whilst this sample continues to meet the standard for Class 1, the sample did not achieve a Class 0 rating. A sample of this product was used in a full system test for a rainscreen cladding system in 2014, where the system passed. We understand that in August 2017 a sample of the same product passed the DCLG test for a full rainscreen cladding system.

“All the products in the 5000 range share a core which is made of the same material (Polyisocyanurate or “PIR”).  They are marketed under different names according to their intended application (CG5000, FR5000, RS5000 etc.).  The sample tested in 2011 was of the product marketed as FR5000.  We applied the 2011 test results in relation to Celotex RS5000, Celotex CG5000, Celotex CF5000 and Celotex SL5000.

“We do not currently know why the RS5000 sample did not achieve a Class 0 rating in these later tests, given the results from 2011 and we are investigating this.  In light of this test result and the desire to act responsibly, we believe it is right to temporarily suspend supply of these 5000 ranges.  We would like to reassure all of our customers that we will provide additional information once we are in a position to do so in respect of both the results and the applications of these 5000 ranges, and following engagement with the relevant third parties.

“We appreciate that many uses to which a product from these ranges is put will not require it to have the Class 0 rating.  However, in the current circumstances, we believe it is important that there should be clarity as to the applications the product can be used for with its revised rating. A temporary suspension of supply is the right thing to do in the circumstances and will, we anticipate, also help to achieve that clarity.  We shall be making appropriate amendments to our marketing materials. We are recommending to our distributors that they do not sell existing stock in this period and we shall collect any relevant 5000 series products in its original packaging and will credit customers seeking to return such product with the purchase price with no restocking charge, regardless of when the product was supplied to the customer.

“As a business, our focus has always been to supply safe insulation products to make better buildings. We believe that taking the time to understand and respond to the test results is in line with these values.”

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