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Checkatrade to sponsor ITV’s Lethal Weapon

Checkatrade has announced that is to become the official sponsor of ITV’s new series, Lethal Weapon.

The new show which will run for 18 weeks features Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford as the two protagonists.

The original Lethal Weapon franchise comprised four feature films and were a huge hit on the silver screen movie from 1987 to 1998 with the first film grossing $120 million at the box office. The film focussed on two mismatched detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department played by Hollywood big shots, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

In 2016, some 18 years after the success of the film franchise, FOX TV premiered a spin-off television series of the same name. After receiving great reception in America, ITV purchased the series which is set to air in the UK on Friday 3 March at 9pm.

The sponsorship gives Checkatrade the opportunity to capture the attention of an estimated audience of audience of 24.4 million.

Founder and CEO of Checkatrade, Kevin Byrne, comments: “Myself and everyone at are extremely excited about this new sponsorship opportunity. In recent years we have invested a lot of time and attention into branching into new areas through sponsorship. This television sponsorship is proof of it succeeding. The programme has been a huge success across the pond so I am really looking forward to watching it become an equally great success over here.”

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