Crossrail Creates 6 Hard-Hitting Health & Safety Video Resource

Crossrail is encouraging construction firms large and small to make use of a series of videos that have been created for the Crossrail project which focus on some of the health impacts and safety risks faced by construction workers.

The six films use different fictional scenarios to depict realistic situations, which could happen when basic health and safety controls are not followed. Designed for impact and to leave a lasting memory, the films encourage safe and responsible behaviour and while focussing on mental health, exposure to dust, hot works, working at height, working near electricity and machinery, illustrating situations which can be used as part of more general campaigns. The videos include:

1. Gary’s Story: Challenging the stigma attached to discussing mental health.

2.  Jenny’s Story: An examination of the behaviours that affect the wearing of dust masks, and the impact that not using protection properly may have on the long term health of workers.

3. John’s Story: Showing how experience can lead to a complacent attitude towards site rules.

4. Barry’s Story: A different approach to how individuals need to take responsibility for their own safety.

5. Zoey’s Story: How taking the initiative to get the job done, can lead to serious consequences.

6. Steve’s Story: A reflective view on how it can be much more difficult to live with regret than to deal with problems at the time.

While the films underline the importance of safety and health during construction and fit-out of the new railway, they are now being made available to construction companies along with associated resources through Crossrail’s Learning Legacy Programme – an initiative to share knowledge and best practice from Europe’s largest construction project, with the wider UK infrastructure industry.

The new films are among a variety of Health & Safety materials published by Crossrail Limited on the dedicated Crossrail Learning Legacy website, which includes best practice, peer-reviewed case studies and technical papers. Each film is accompanied by discussion notes that will help the viewer understand the risk.

For more information see: Crossrail’s Learning Legacy website.

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