Dash Cam Review – How Much Should You Spend?

Dash cam review looking at the best dashcams, the cheapest models against the high-end ones, from £17 right up to £700. Which one should you buy? Watch our buying guide with Dylan Garton.

Models featured:

✅ VIOFO 4K Dual Dash Cam A129 Pro Duo
✅ Ssongtong Dash Cam 1080P
✅ NextBase 312GW

Dashcam features to look out for:

✅ GPS speed and location logging
✅ Wi-Fi enabled
✅ Reflection free lens
✅ Rear camera
✅ Cloud backup
✅ Live remote view
✅ Two-way voice
✅ 60 frames per second
✅ Night vision
✅ Wide viewing angle
✅ Wide dynamic range

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Dylan Garton
Dylan Garton is a freelance video producer, camera operator, animator and editor. He also writes scripts, articles and develops websites. Cofounder of Skill Builder.

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