Dash Cam Review – How Much Should You Spend?

Dash cam review looking at the best dashcams, the cheapest models against the high-end ones, from £17 right up to £700. Which one should you buy? Watch our buying guide with Dylan Garton. Models featured: ✅ VIOFO 4K Dual Dash Cam A129 Pro Duo ✅ Ssongtong Dash Cam 1080P ✅ NextBase 312GW Dashcam features to look out for: ✅ GPS …

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Break-in News! Ford TRANSIT Owners Watch This

More tool theft frustration for van owners and once again the problem is so much worse for Ford Transit owners who don’t enjoy strong security features. Ford Custom and Ford Transit (MK8) are falling prey to a weakness where a hole can be made in the side load door and loads of new attacks are happening. Our friends at Sussex …

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Don’t Buy AdBlue Until You’ve Watched This

It’s time for Roger to top up his AdBlue on the Vivaro, but where should he be buying his stock from? What is AdBlue and how does it work? find out at Carbuyer AdBlue is becoming increasingly common on diesel cars and is a fluid made up of a mix of urea and deionized water which is squirted into …

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Theft Awareness for Trades

Theft awareness for tradesmen

Crime in the UK is on the rise, particularly when it comes to theft. Work vans are often a target for thieves, containing high-value items that can be easily accessed if not properly secured. Certain areas in the UK have become more notorious for theft, with London, Sheffield, and Birmingham securing the top spots. Over 70 per cent of workers …

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Plumbers v Sparks v Chippies – Peugeot Challenge

We were invited to take part in Peugeot’s Surround Rear Vision Tradesman Challenge so we took Robin and ‘Little Hand’ Jubi along to make up the Chippie Team and go up against the Plumber Team including James Lawrence from Plumberparts and Phil Rawlingson, and the other team was the sparks with the pairing of Joe Amps and AJ Cookson. …

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