Zenpark Pro Flex Launches in Europe to Simplify & Optimise Office Parking

Employee and visitor parking has always been a major issue for most companies: lack of parking spaces, lost badges, unauthorised parking, costly management, inadaptation to new forms of mobility, etc. Problems that have only been reinforced by the current health crisis which has made office access and its management a critical issue for the office real estate sector. Asked by its pro clients to provide an answer to these challenges through its tech expertise, ZENPARK, the Parking-as-a-Service market leader in France, developed a new solution to simplify and optimise office parking: Zenpark Pro Flex.

While the solution has just been officially launched in Europe, it has already convinced its first clients. Among them, the RATP GROUP (5th world biggest player in public transportation), which has partnered with ZENPARK to deploy Zenpark Pro Flex in one of its main bus terminal in Paris.

In just 6 months of operations, the solution has already been used more than 40,000 times and achieved a user satisfaction score of 91%.

WILLIAM ROSENFELD, CEO and Co-Founder of ZENPARK : “Today Zenpark Pro Flex joins our other B2B Parking-as-a-Service solutions to create a parking one-stop-shop that addresses all the needs of real estate professionals: shared parking for landlords, pooled parking for developers and city planners, and now collaborative parking for businesses. We have everything needed to facilitate the Parking-as-a-Service revolution for real estate professionals. And with the very positive feedback we have been getting from Zenpark Pro Flex customers, we are convinced that we have the perfect answer to the challenges of the office real estate market.”

Zenpark Pro Flex


Offer more places for more employees

Zenpark Pro Flex allows companies to share all or part of their parking spaces for the benefit of all their employees. The solution makes it possible, for example, to respond effectively to the parking demands of 300 employees with a parking lot of only 100 spaces. Access to the car park is handled by a web and app-based booking system, with the guarantee of a free space, and physical access to the car park can be done through the dedicated app which acts as a parking badge.

Facilitate the daily commute of employees

With Zenpark Pro Flex, companies can strengthen their transportation policy by facilitating access to parking for employees who need it most. It becomes possible to prioritise access to parking spaces according to the needs and profile of employees: electric vehicles, vehicle fleets, carpooling, distance between home and work, disability, seniority, etc. An algorithm automatically allocates places based on these criteria and informs each employee when their reservation is confirmed.

Simplify parking management

With Zenpark Pro Flex, companies can easily optimise the use of their car park by managing access and parking privileges in an automated way and also by maximising occupancy. Parking managers have access to a comprehensive and easy-to-use dashboard which centralises all the necessary tools and data required for efficient management of spaces and users.

It even enables them to adjust to the KPIs defined in the company’s transportation policy. Finally, Zenpark Pro Flex customers have access to a dedicated professional support team which provides: consulting, deployment, training for managers and employees, support and maintenance.


Car park configuration at a glance

Zenpark Pro Flex offers a web management interface. It allows parking managers to quickly manage all the different types of parking spaces (including those reserved for people with a disability, EVs, bicycles, etc.) and employee access rights. In terms of deployment, Zenpark Pro Flex is compatible with all established access systems and does not require any modification to the equipment already in place.

Booking of parking spaces by employees

Each employee makes their request for access to the car park via the mobile app or web interface. A few days before their requested time slot, employees receive a notification informing them of the status of their reservation request.

If it is accepted, they are notified that they have been assigned a parking space in line with their transportation needs. They can even access the car park directly with the app acting as a parking badge. This provides an added benefit: security is enhanced and there are no more physical access badges to manage.

Automatic parking space allocation

Zenpark Pro Flex’s latest generation algorithm automatically allocates available spaces to employees who request them, according to the specifics of each space and each user’s transportation needs. The company can also establish allocation priority rules according to its own transportation policy.

Once the algorithm has been configured, these rules make it possible to promote lower-carbon transportation opportunities such as carpooling or EVs.

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