Easy Hinge Holes with Blum EcoDrill M31.1000 Jig

The Blum Ecodrill M31.1000 is a simple handheld tool to help you easily drill accurate hole patterns for hinges.

Blum Ecodrill Hinge Jig M31.1000
🛒 https://amzn.to/2HEPCgM

◾ Simple hand-held unit for precise drilling of the Blum hinge drilling pattern

◾ Driven via handheld drill

◾ Variable drilling size of 2 to 8 mm

◾ Scope of delivery: 1 drilling gauge; 2 dowel drills ø 8 mm; 1 hardware drill Ø 35 mm; 2 Torx bits; 2 spacer rings

Visit Blum and find out more about their range of jigs.

Thanks go to James King for letting Roger film this project. The Supreme Finishing Company can be contacted by following the link below.


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  1. Easy Hinge Holes with Blum EcoDrill M31.1000 Jig

    Can you confirm the hinge & Mounting plate part numbers as there are a multitude to choose from?

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