Fabric Wallpaper and Wall Panels – Superior DIY Choice for Dining Area Makeovers

Design trends come and go, but two stylish trends that have re-emerged with a bang are traditional wall paneling and fabric wallpaper – especially for dining areas. Composed of sophisticated elements like suede for wallpaper and elegant wood for wall panels, these modern-retro trends are assertively redefining the face of current home decor.

Maximizing Warmth and Durability

What makes fabric wallpaper an excellent choice, particularly for dining areas? Its ability to craft an inviting, warm atmosphere where ordinary meals evolve into cherished family gatherings. But choosing wallpaper is not confined to its aesthetic appeal; an important expectation is its longevity too. This is where super-durable wood panelling and fabric wallpapers, come into play. They are not only an eyeful but surprisingly resilient. Respected magazines like Southern Living, affirm the robustness of fabric wallpapers married with classic wood panelling, together they can handle the daily entanglements of a busy dining room.

The Green & Fashionable Choice

A recent Institute of Interior Design finding revealed that designers have been falling head over heels for fabric wallpaper and wood wall panelling; they can’t help but swoon over its robust nature and the rich and classy vibe. Another element that gives it an edge, it’s more environmentally friendly compared to regular wall coverings. The magic of fabric wallpaper and wood panelling lies in its versatility–it can smoothly fit into any design aesthetics, from modern minimalism to vintage elegance – it’s like owning a rainbow of design possibilities for your dining area.

The Smallest Touches Can Have The Biggest Impact

Remodelling your dining area with fabric wallpaper and wood panelling extends your focus beyond just the walls. It would be a mistake to neglect elements like matching curtains and rugs as well as artwork which can harmonize with the wallpaper textures and wood panelling colours. Art on the wall significantly enhances the dining room aesthetics, but choosing the right frame for your art should not be taken lightly either; picture frames of the right size can add a refined touch. Remember the saying, “Minor details can majorly slay.” Small, sophisticated strokes such as choosing a suitable frame for art can elevate your decor from  ‘meh’ to ‘wowzers’.


DIY Installation – Simplified

The thought of putting up fabric wallpaper and wood panelling might seem as big as climbing Everest initially (especially if this is your very first time having a go at it solo with no experts to give you a hand), but with the right (and light) tools and a pinch of patience, it becomes an adventure and an interesting DIY task that you won’t be able to say no to.

Ready for a dining room transformation? Bet on fabric wallpaper and wood paneling–they pack a visual punch, providing an inviting atmosphere for those epic family dinners. Plus, they are built to last; so, why wait? Your Insta followers won’t know what hit ’em.

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Dylan Garton is a co-founder, video producer and editor for the Skill Builder social media platforms.

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