Fixing a Leaking Gutter – Proper Job, No Mastic!

Don’t let leaking gutter joints ruin your home!

POLYPIPE RR102 Black Union Bracket for 112mm Half Round guttering System

Marshall Tufflex Half Round Gutter 112mm Union Joint RWU1

Here are some of the problems which come with having leaking gutter joints.

1. Water damage: Leaking gutter joints can lead to water damage in the roof and walls of the building. This can cause rot, mold, and mildew growth, as well as structural damage.

2. Foundation damage: Leaking water can seep into the foundation of the building, causing erosion and cracking of the foundation. This can result in costly repairs.

3. Soil erosion: If the water from the leaking gutter joint is not properly directed away from the foundation, it can cause soil erosion, leading to costly repairs.

4. Insect infestation: Leaking water can attract insects, such as mosquitoes and other pests.

5. Rust: If the gutter is made of metal, the water can cause rusting, which can weaken the structure of the gutter and lead to expensive repairs.

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