Leaking Balcony ~ Rip it up or repair it?

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Roger looks at a problem with a balcony floor leaking.

Our message from Juhad Ali:

Hi, firstly thank you, I really appreciate your advice from previous videos on Dry rods, tanking etc.

Need some advice on external porcelain tiles, please. Unfortunately, due to poor workmanship, our balcony floor is leaking between the porcelain tiles (see photo).

Rainwater is getting through into the room below. I can share more photos if required.

Looking for a method to completely water-tight and seal the gaps between the porcelain tiles.

The current brush-in grout is not working. Should I be using a better sealant or grout?

Also need some guidance on ‘rocking’ tiles, considering using PU foam to fill gaps. Is that ok?

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