How to Design the Ultimate Attic Office

Are you in desperate need of a functional and professional home office space? Have you decided that the attic makes the most sense for setting up your office, as it provides the privacy and space you need?

Now that you’ve designated an area of your home, it’s time to put the wheels in motion and work on the ultimate attic office design plan, making sure you consider all the most important factors.

Use Nooks to Your Advantage

One thing that can make an attic office unique is the nooks that are often present thanks to the size and shape of the room, as well as the pitch of the roof.

Rather than let them mess up your design plan, use them to your advantage. Nooks can be great for storage areas and housing other office equipment such as a printer.

You can even turn a nook into a quiet working area complete with a chair and standing lamp.

Purchase the Right Furniture for the Space

If your attic is short on space or feels tight due to the ceiling height, then the furniture you purchase needs to be chosen wisely.

It needs to fit in the space without overtaking it. Think small, sleek and slim-lined pieces.

These will still allow you to do your work comfortably and efficiently, yet they won’t feel overwhelming. Purchasing multi-functional pieces is also wise.

In terms of furniture placement, the first instinct is usually to put your desk against the wall but that may not make sense in an attic.

If you have a steep pitch on the roof, placing your desk against the wall will certainly not be ideal. Designers recommend placing your desk in the middle of the room.

This means you can use all the surrounding wall space for other purposes such as shelving, filing cabinets and cupboards.

And lastly, when it comes to your office chair, don’t feel pigeonholed to pick the typical model.

There is nothing wrong with thinking outside the box and purchasing a chair that isn’t generally viewed as a piece of office furniture.

The chair needs to be comfortable; it needs to offer support and it should fit in the space – that’s all.

Optimise Natural Light with a Skylight

Because you need your attic office to be well-lit, you will want to optimise natural light as much as possible.

Many homeowners choose to install a skylight, as this instantly allows light to pour in and makes the office appear bigger, brighter and more modern.

See the Keylite pitched roof windows available on this site as a great example of how they can transform the space.

You may even want to install multiple Keylite pitched roof windows, creating maximum impact.

As you look around at the different models, a big decision will be whether you choose manual or electric operation.

Electric operation means you can open and close the skylight with remote control, which tends to be the more convenient option.

Choosing a Colour Palette Can Be Difficult

For the space to reflect a design and everything to come together, it’s wise to pick a colour palette before you begin the attic transformation.

This can be a tricky endeavour as you want the space to feel open and bright, but it also needs to feel creative and welcoming and help with focus and concentration.

With all of that in mind, there are a few colour palettes that can work. Some paint colours to consider include:

  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Beige
  • Soft coral or peach
  • Taupe
  • Warm brown
  • Sand
  • Neutral blue

This colour palette can also be applied to the décor and furniture so that the room feels cohesive.

How About Flooring?

The flooring may also need attention depending on the attic space. Typically, carpeting is used to warm up a space, whereas hard surface flooring can help bring character to the room.

Can’t decide between the two? Go for a compromise. You can install hard surface flooring and then use an area rug for character and interest.

Budget will likely play a part in the decision, as well as your overall design concept.

Don’t Forget the Décor

Décor is often the last thing you think about in an attic office, and for that reason, it’s often ignored altogether.

But considering how long you’ll be spending in this space, wouldn’t it be nice if it felt welcoming, and visually appealing and even boosted your creativity level?

That is exactly what décor can do, as it gives a room personality.

A few simple paintings or photos on the wall, some decorative pieces on shelves and tables and even statement light fixtures can go a long way.

By using all of these tips you’ll be able to convert your attic into a functional office space that meets your needs and looks stylish to boot.

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