Ways To Conserve Water

Innovative Ways To Conserve Water At Home And At Work

As of 2021, the world has already used almost 3 trillion tons of freshwater. Unquestionably, the data is a clear sign that everyone should start being water conscious. However, aside from minimizing the frequency of using the sink, there are also other ways to help preserve this natural resource. Below, the following sections will briefly discuss various innovative ways to conserve water at home and work.

Build a rain harvesting system

In a house, collecting rain would help a family minimize the frequency of using the sink or water outlet and have quick access to water outside. While there are rain collection systems available for purchase, one can easily make a simple version using an existing downspout or anything that can guide the water drops from the roof to a collection barrel. After that, an individual can then use the collected rain to spray plants, wash the driveway and car, or for something else.

Opt for a less water-consuming garden

Since plants need water to survive, most water-saving methods do not apply to gardens. However, choosing some plants over others would help. As such, species like orchids, succulents, and clovers are not water-demanding, so it’s fine to sprinkle lesser volumes. Otherwise, one can improve the irrigation to reduce water usage thanks to direct flow in roots and less evaporation.

Bring a bottle of water to work

As you may already know, staying hydrated throughout the day is important, but what’s equally as important is the quality of the water you’re drinking. Aside from convenience, bringing a bottle of water to work helps prevent one from drinking out of unsafe sources. While some drinking fountains and faucets likely received sterilizations, most still are left uncleaned, especially public ones. Accordingly, carrying a personal water tumbler is like having a total home water supply safety guarantee anywhere. Besides, buying bottled water from stores is bad for the environment.

Store water on bottles in the fridge

When fetching directly from the sink, the water often comes out warm, especially in hot seasons. However, most people run the tap for extended periods to wait for the water to cool down, causing more liquid waste. Instead of doing this, why not keep water in bottles in the fridge to have a better drinking experience, reduce water waste, and eliminate the need to wait to quench the thirst.

Avoid throwing tissues in the toilet

In any public place, people might get very conscious about using the bathroom, especially in the workplace. Since all employees know each other, cleaning everything and leaving no traces after using the washroom is almost a given. However, this can also mean individuals throwing used tissues directly into the toilet, making it harder to flush and consuming more water in the process. Therefore, to avoid this, it’s best to trash tissues or wipes into bins or designated places to conserve water and maintain environmental hygiene.

Educate co-workers or employees

Employees can advise and educate co-workers about the importance of conserving water. Also, informing each other every time helps whenever someone forgets to close the sink or is wasting significant volumes. On the other hand, an employer or boss can place signs and notices in the kitchen, bathroom, or other water sources in the company establishment to constantly remind the staff to use water wisely.

Conserve Water At Home And Work

Water constitutes most of the world and the human body, so it’s important to manage this natural resource wisely. Aside from minimizing using the sink or other outlets, the above tips are also effective in conserving water. Above all, raising awareness about the importance of water consciousness can help create a more eco-caring generation. After all, the people on earth are still the ones to benefit from doing such good practices.

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  1. I can’t believe that it actually uses more water to clear tissue from the toilet. I always thought that when I operate the handle, to flush, it let out a measured amount of water no matter what is waiting there to be cleared away.. Toilets really are clever devices.

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