Kingspan Albion Ultrasteel Unvented Water Cylinder

Roger guides you through the theory behind the installation of a Kingspan Albion Ultrasteel unvented hot water cylinder.

In the UK the installation of all hot water cylinders, vented and unvented, is notifiable to Building Control and should be carried out by a qualified competent person. The unvented cylinder incorporates multi-level safety systems and has a superb safety record.

Roger explains the importance of these safety devices and what they do. This video is not intended to instruct unqualified people on how to install the cylinder.

The model we show in this video is the 210 litre Indirect Kingspan Albion Ultrasteel Unvented Cylinder – AUI210ERP (AUI210).

We show you how to install an economical hot water heating system.


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Product Overview

Indirect hot water cylinders are designed to heat up rapidly via the coil-in-coil heat exchanger with the heat supplied from a conventional gas, oil or electric boiler. They also feature a 3 kW backup immersion heater, which can act as a boost or a secondary heat source.

The cylinders are manufactured from high-grade engineering materials to strike the perfect balance for the installer and homeowners between reliability, functionality and good value.

Ultrasteel cylinders deliver high flow rates and mains pressure hot water (regulated up to 3 bar) for powerful showers and the fast filling of baths or sinks, making them ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms or extra utility rooms. Manufactured from high-grade engineering materials, such as ‘Duplex’ stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance.

Package includes:

• Inlet Control Set
• Temperature & pressure relief valve
• 15mm/22mm Tundish
• 12 Litre expansion vessel
• 1x 3kW Standard Immersion Heater
• Two-port valve
• Dual thermostat
• Product Manual including Benchmark log

Features and Benefits of Kingspan Albion Ultrasteel Hot Water Cylinders

• 50mm CFC & HCFC-free foam insulation for low heat loss
• Economical to run with minimal maintenance and no hidden costs
• Factory fitted temperature & pressure relief valve
• 22mm compression connections
• High-quality inlet control set with balanced cold

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