Makita DUR368AZ Brushless Brush Cutter

Makita DUR368AZ Brushless Brush Cutter – A Cut Above

The Makita DUR368AZ is a great addition to an impressive range of cordless outdoor machines with a new twin 18 Volt Brushless Brush Cutter designed to suit the needs of commercial operators and landscapers looking for a high powered, quiet and easy-to-use brush cutter.

The DUR368AZ Brushless LXT Brush Cutter is a cordless machine powered by two 18V Li-ion batteries. The advanced battery technology from Makita provides 36V of power and runtime without leaving the 18V platform, meaning operators can be confident the machine will endure longer tasks, enabling work over a wide area with just one charge.

Providing an excellent alternative to heavy powered machinery, which can be cumbersome to manoeuvre or access varied shrubland and undergrowth, the DUR368AZ Brush Cutter is a lightweight tool that uses the same counter-clockwise blade rotation as petrol brush cutters, making handling comfortable and familiar, for traditional users.

With user comfort in mind, the U-Handle grip has been designed so that the centre line of the handlebars stay aligned with the users centre of gravity, whilst the active-feedback technology provides extra protection for the user– when the metal blade hits a solid object such as a tree stump or fence, the sudden decrease in rpm triggers the brake, stopping kickback occurring.

Makita DUR368AZ control

Users can select the desired speed from three variants on the LED display and in areas of dense high grass or heavy brushwood, the reverse switch makes dealing with any tangled grass clippings easy, by slowly reversing the rotation of the cutting tool.

The DUR368AZ uses a brushless motor, meaning no friction is created within the motor, to improve the longevity of the tool. Combining this technology with LXT batteries makes the machine up to 50% more efficient and twice as durable, in comparison to alternative models with standard motors. In addition to this, the Automatic Torque Drive function automatically changes the cutting speed according to load condition for optimum operation.

“Operators need machinery that is safe, can provide extensive use, is flexible to work on wide areas, and can tackle every situation, without the worry of power supply,” says Mark Earles, Business Development Manager for garden machinery at Makita. “Whether it be accuracy around flower beds, clearing undergrowth and thick vegetation, the DUR368AZ Brushless Brush Cutter LXT is indispensable.

“We understand that commercial operators work year-round and the brushless motor produces lower vibration levels, improving the safety and comfort of those using the machine.”

LXT is used across over 200 Makita tools, meaning that operators can easily switch between tools depending on the task. To find out more about Makita and its new range of cordless garden machinery products visit:

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