Marley Dry Verge Fixing System Review

Marley Dry Verge Fixing System Review

Roger Bisby visits Marley Eternit HQ in Burton on Trent to try the Marley Eternit Universal Dry Verge Fixing System.

Each roof verge unit is said to be simple and fast to install while offering the stepped appearance of a traditional mortar bedded verge – Roger puts these claims to the test.

Marley Dry Verge

Marley Eternit Universal Dry Verge is designed to be a strong, weather-tight and mortar free verge solution that can be used for the majority of roof tiles within all three main interlocking types: large standard, medium format (15 x 9″) and large format with a thin leading edge, regardless of manufacturer, as well as Marley Eternit’s Lincoln and Maxima clay pantiles.

Designed as a secure method of finishing the verge detail, the Marley Eternit Universal Dry Verge Fixing System is compliant to the requirements of BS 5534 as a means of mechanically fixing verge tiles.

Features of the Marley Eternit Universal Dry Verge Fixing System include:

1. Bendable hinge accommodates all profiles

2. Unique rail system allows for different tile sizes and profiles

3. Filler piece prevents ingress of birds and insects

4. Unique starter bracket to give the easiest and most flexible verge fixing

5. Fixing hole cluster creates increased compatibility

6. Multiple, unique drainage channels prevent staining from water run-off

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