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How to Repair and Maintain Your Flat Roof

Repair and Maintain Your Flat Roof 1

Flat roofs are often made from felt or asphalt and insurers may have doubts about their durability compared to tiled, slate or EPDM roofs. But, if you maintain your flat roof well, it can last for up to 50 years.

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Roof Construction & Weathering In – Garden Room #4

Roof Construction - Weathering In

How to build a garden room episode 4 gets our room weathered in. Robin finishes the roof construction and PIR board while Andy gets the Easy Trim Vista Breather Membrane on ready for the slates.

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Roofus, Roof Construction Made Simple – KB#6

Roofus, Roof Construction Made Simple

The Roofus square carpentry tool, a game-changing product for carpentry, steel fabrication and roof construction. The movable ruler can be positioned at any angle, allowing for vertical and horizontal levelling.

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Roof tile colour & texture matching service

roof tile colour

Klober is offering a vent tile matching and granulation service to help roofing contractors and developers achieve the highest aesthetic possible for their roofs. The service allows customers to achieve a consistent finish across potentially conspicuous components and the roof as a whole, to deliver a top-quality look, especially on higher end developments. Customers submit a sample of tile to …

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Roofing’s Young Bloods Shortlisted for National Apprentice Final

Roofing apprentices

The country’s leading roofing apprentices are gearing up for the two-day final that will reward the best in each of the two roofing disciplines: pitched and flat roofing. BMI, the UK manufacturer and supplier of flat and pitch roofing systems, is offering the two awards backed by its market-leading brands. The Redland Apprentice of the Year will recognise the best-pitched …

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Roofing materials donation

Roofing materials

With the industry suffering from a lack of skilled workers, Cembrit is helping to educate the roofers of the future by donating roofing materials to Leeds College of Building for the Roof Slating and Tiling apprenticeship scheme.   Cembrit has contributed approximately 1,000 Westerland fibre cement slates, 600 Glendyne natural slates and 120 angled ridges to help deliver valuable roofing …

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BS 8612 – A Watershed For Pitched Roofing

pitched roofing

Redland – the company that invented dry-fixed roofing systems, with patents dating back to 1966 – has welcomed the introduction of BS 8612 Dry-fixed Ridge, Hip and Verge Systems for Slating and Tiling.

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Redland Apprentice Roofing’s Top 10

Redland Apprentice

Somerset’s Joe Stradling has won the prestigious title of Redland Apprentice of the Year against stiff competition as one of ten of the country’s best roofing apprentices. In a West Country double, Cornishman Tom Knight was awarded Highly Commended, a category created to acknowledge how close he was to the top award. Joe, who works West Country Tiling in Frome, …

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The search is on for the Redland Apprentice of the Year

Redland Apprentice of the Year

Redland – the UK manufacturer and supplier of pitched roof systems – is launching a competition to find the 2017 Redland Apprentice of the Year. The newly launched competition is open to all roofing apprentices who are currently enrolled with one of Redland’s participating colleges or training groups within the company’s Young Redland Roofer student support programme. Entrants will be …

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Roofing company in court after member of public photographs unsafe practice

Construction boss jailed

A specialist roofing company and its two directors have been sentenced after admitting working unsafely at height on a hotel development in central Manchester during a major refurbishment and extension works. On the 17 March 2015, a member of public witnessed and photographed unsafe work at a construction site and contacted the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Manchester Magistrates Court …

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The bit that’s missed out on many new roofs – Redland Innofix

Redland tile installation

The Code of Practice for single lap tiles now requires every tile to be mechanically fixed but roofing merchants will tell you that they sell a lot more tiles than clips, which suggests that roofers are not doing the job to code. The implication for the homeowner is that Insurance companies will refuse to pay out on storm damage claims …

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Lost in Construction

Loft construction

It might seem like a busman’s holiday but whenever I’m out enjoying myself, I still can’t stop looking at buildings. Now comes the bit where I inflict my holiday snaps on you and if you are well brought up you say “nice” but anyway feel free to comment. The first is someone’s ingenious attempt to protect a gable end wall …

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