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Roof tile colour & texture matching service

Klober is offering a vent tile matching and granulation service to help roofing contractors and developers achieve the highest aesthetic possible for their roofs.

The service allows customers to achieve a consistent finish across potentially conspicuous components and the roof as a whole, to deliver a top-quality look, especially on higher end developments.

Customers submit a sample of tile to a dedicated department at the company’s head office in Castle Donington, which then seeks to deliver a match in texture and colour. The department also holds a collection of popular stock tiles from a wide range of manufacturers – such as Redland – for reference purposes. Ideally, the custom vents will be provided within five days.

Most granulation is on Klober’s Plain Tile Vents, which are kept in stock, with the Uni-Plain Tile Vent with brown granulation being the most common. All other vents are refinished to order. The service is incredibly popular with over 23,000 vents being matched and/ or granulated last year.

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    A fantastic innovation! I have seen too many patchy roofs that haven’t perfectly matched up to the original colour and style. Roofing is one of the biggest exterior impressions one gets of a house, so for it to take so long to blend together is something of a visual crime. A perfect match is important so that no only is roofing perceived by the general public as quick and great quality, but also something that doesn’t compromise the look of the building. In fact, it should elevate it!

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