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Product review: Gorilla shovel

A few weeks ago we featured the new Gorilla brooms from Faulk’s, the makers of Gorilla Tub Trugs. The brooms have screw on heads with nylon bristles so losing your head while you are sweeping could be a thing of the past.

Gorilla 2

But what is a broom without a shovel? So often builders use steel shovels to sweep up with but now there is really no need with lightweight alternatives such as this Gorilla shovel.

This style of shovel in aluminium is common in mucking out stables and clearing snow but you can just as happily use it for sweeping up.

Gorilla 3

The Gorilla shovel is made of a high quality plastic that sheds mortar so you could use it to knock up some mortar on a gorilla mixing tray but in truth it is probably too big for that. Perhaps you might try some using it  to transfer Hardwall plaster from mixing bath to spot board.  In fact the uses for this shovel are endless and it is really up to you.

I know plastic doesn’t always inspire confidence but Gorilla has a good pedigree so I think when they select a material we can trust it. You only have to look at how many imitators of the Gorilla Tub Trug fall short of the mark to know that quality is all.

Give the Gorilla a try and I think you will learn to love it.

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