Single-use moulded masks

Single-use moulded masks

Honeywell has introduced a new range of single-use, moulded masks featuring a PU foam seal that has been designed to improve safety, performance and comfort.

The 800 series masks are made of high performing, humidity and low breathing resistant material making them well suited to environments where workers are exposed to hazardous materials found in dust, mist and fumes.

The filtering facepieces (FFPs) are available in classes FFP1 and FFP2, with and without a valve depending on the application, and are said to need only minimum adjustments to provide a comfortable and secure fit.

The single-use masks can also be easily worn with safety spectacles or goggles, so that the wearer is able to maintain a good field of vision while carrying out tasks. The mask’s high performance exhalation valve adds to the overall performance and enhances comfort to enable the respiratory protection for a maximum of 8 hours.

The shell incorporates an arc ribbing, which has been designed to ensure that the mask retains its shape, a metallic nose clip that makes it easier for the user to fit the respirator around the nose, and highly flexible and resistant double elastic straps welded outside the filtering material to decrease any risk of leakage and help to increase stability and fit on the workers’ face. As an added enhancement, the masks’ ultra-light respirators (from 8 to 14g) minimise wearer fatigue and increase wearer acceptance.

The Honeywell 800 series is not only fully compliant with applicable EU standards, but it has also undergone an optional Dolomite test to ensure a high resistance to clogging. This means that the mask can be used for a long period of time while maintaining its performance in breathing resistance and filtration.  Finally, the single-use masks do not contain any latex, PVC or silicone, which prevents irritations and the risk of allergies.  

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