Snickers Workwear and EMMA Safety Footwear Lead the Way with Sustainable Practice

These forward-thinking brands are pioneering sustainable business practices in their industries.

Did you know that bridging the ‘The Circularity Gap’ by embracing the circular economy could shrink global greenhouse gas emissions by 39%!*

That’s why Emma Safety footwear has become a leader in sustainability having created the world’s very first ‘100% Circular’ safety footwear range.

While Snickers Workwear is at the forefront of sustainability in the workwear industry by sourcing the highest quality, most hard-wearing products with as little environmental impact as possible.

Ensuring garments are made from ‘preferred fibres’, enhances durability and comfort to create hard-wearing workwear with a long product lifetime which is key to reducing waste.

2021_Sustainability Clothing

The combined result is environmentally-friendly, ergonomically designed dual-purpose working clothes and footwear that are not only designed to meet the physical demands that tradesmen and women face at work but are also ideal for some sports and leisure activities – and reducing your carbon footprint too!

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Dylan Garton is a co-founder, video producer and editor for the Skill Builder social media platforms.

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