Snickers Kneeguard with D30

Snickers Kneeguard – Superior, Ergonomic Knee Protection With D30®

World-leading certified Snickers Kneeguard solutions to save your knees.

Hard work all day, every day means that some craftsmen and craftswomen put more pressure on their knees than many top athletes. So, the risk of long-term knee injuries and chronic pain can be far higher among trade professionals than most other occupations.

For years, Snickers Workwear has had the market-leading solution with its trousers and kneepad combination that it invented over thirty years ago. That solution has now become the patented Kneeguard™ and unique Kneeguard PRO system which delivers advanced knee protection for frequent kneeling on site, as well as those annoying knocks and bumps around the workplace.

Snickers Kneeguard

Snickers Kneeguard Design

Designed specifically for the increasingly popular street-smart, slim fit stretch work trousers, the newest slim fit D30® Ergo kneepads are made of durable material that moulds around your knee to provide enhanced impact protection.

It has an EN 14404 Type 2 Level 1 rating to guard against pebbles, nails and various floor debris. There’s also superior cushioning and protection as standard with D3O® – a high-tech material that’s flexible, durable and cut-resistant.

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