Review: Knauf Airless Readymix Spray Plaster

Skill Builder offers some thoughts and tips on using Knauf’s spray plaster system.

The system provides a faster, more consistent and cleaner method of application while offering time savings of 20-30%.

Traditional methods of plastering come with some drawbacks. Speed of application, product material waste and inconsistent finish quality are some of the problems.

Knauf Airless Readymix spray plasters are a faster, more consistent and cleaner method of application while also ticking many boxes in terms of sustainability. Application is up to three times faster than conventional methods and drying times are fast enough to allow following trades to be at work within a maximum of two days.

The Knauf Airless Finish Light is used as a direct finish coat onto smooth backgrounds such as Knauf Plasterboards, or as a finishing coat for Knauf Airless Backing. A 2 in 1 finishing plaster, the Knauf Airless Finish Light first coat can be applied directly to tapped joints, eliminating the need for traditional plaster completely. The second coat, using the same product, can then be applied giving an extremely smooth consistency and finish.

Knauf Airless Readymix Plasters do not need any direct water supply on site because they have been pre-mixed to the ideal consistency for spray applications. This means that the finish quality is always consistent. Unlike traditional plaster, very little material is wasted on site (less than 1%). If any product that is skimmed off the wall, it is added back into the spray machine to be reused. At the end of the day, if there is still plaster mix in the machine, this can be used the following day.

Our location for the video is the Trinity House Hotel in Trinity Square, the first 7-star hotel in London.


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