Stabila Telescopic 80T

Stabila launches telescopic spirit level

Stabila has launched a telescopic spirit level, the Telescopic 80T, which offers the right length of level for any job while saving space in the tool bag.

With one spirit level to do the work of several, the Stabila Telescopic 80T can be easily extended to the length needed, doing the job of up to three fixed-length levels in one. An innovative LOCK system, fixes the level securely to the required length.

With a marking and cutting edge running along its entire edge, the Telescopic 80T allows for simultaneous measuring and marking, while integrated anti-slip stoppers give a firm grip, to make marking with one hand a simple task. Inner dimensions and clearances can be easily marked out with the level’s printed metric scale, while a horizontal and vertical vial ensures the highest levels of accuracy on every job.

The extension mechanism ensures precise measurements. When extended, precision is 1.0 mm/m in both normal and reverse positions; when closed, the precision is 0.5 mm/m in normal position and 0.75 mm/m in reverse position.

Plastic end caps protect the profile against impact, the vials are bonded to ensure all components are parellel and the level comes with Stabila’s 10-year warranty.

The 80T is available in two lengths: 63cm extendible to 105cm and 80cm extendible to 127cm.

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