The Money Pit & Weekly Leak News – ASB #6

Roger’s comes back to the rescue with our weekly Ask Skill Builder show and Episode 6. We take a look through your emails, Facebook messages and YouTube comments and Roger does his best to steer you in the right direction.

John Collins is considering buying a ‘doer upper’ that needs an epic effort to turn around. He asks “Just wondering if these images give an insight into the extent of work required to repair. Is it removal and replacement of render or am I looking at deeper structural issues?”.

Tom Dalgliesh has water coming through his bathroom wall. Tom says “Our house was built in 1936, we moved in last year and re-painted the bathroom to refresh it, and it shortly after developed a damp problem. I have filmed the external side of the wall with the damp as well as a rear view of the house with the upper dormer windows visible”.

Alan Forder asks is it best to pack out the wall where the coving is fitted or to fit it after tiling so that it sits on top of the tiles.

Stu has noisy creaking plastic cladding on his ceiling. He asks “It’s now looking shabby and I need to renew the bathroom as a whole. Please what paint, preparation or cladding would you recommend for a steamy bathroom ceiling?”.

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Dylan Garton is a co-founder, video producer and editor for the Skill Builder social media platforms.

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