Trade Paint vs Retail – Are You Being Ripped Off?

James is unhappy with the huge price difference between Dulux trade paint and their retail version of Dulux Weathershield All Weather Protection Smooth Masonry Paint from B&Q.

Trade Paint vs Retail difference

Dulux pointed James to an article on their website which explains the difference between the paints and explains trade paint vs retail.

Dulux say “There are many important differences between Professional and Retail paints. Professional paints need to last longer and be more versatile, whilst meeting the high demands of all professional users and their customers.”

The main differences are professional paints cover better even after thinning and avoid extra coats. Professional paints also have a higher spreading rate than retail.

They also claim that professional paints are consistently tested to make sure that they reach the high standards of professional users and their customers.

Read the complete article here:

Dulux Trade Paint vs Retail
Dulux Trade Paint Special Value Pack.

A 10L tin of Dulux Weathershield All Weather Smooth Matt Masonry paint is 3 times more expensive from a Dulux Decorator Centre store than it is at B&Q.

Price comparison including VAT:

B&Q – £35
Homebase – £35
Brewers – £90
Dulux Decorator Centre – £108

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