Understanding SDS-Plus Hammer Drills with HiKOKI

Roger takes us through the features and best practises of an SDS-Plus hammer drill with the HiKOKI DH36DPA 36V Multi-Volt Brushless SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill.


• High-performance SDS-Plus hammer drill with high-efficiency brushless motor
• High overload capacity
• 3 mode action – drilling, hammer drilling & chiselling
• Compact, lightweight & ergonomic design
• Electronic brake for greater operator safety

• 36V Multi-Volt batteries for higher power output similar to mains powered tools.
• Batteries are compatible with existing HiKOKI 18v tools.
• Offers unprecedented power output of up to 1080W.
• Power output similar to mains powered tools when used with a 36V tool.
• Automatically switches between 18V 5.0Ah and 36V 2.5Ah depending on the tool in use.
• Fast charging – only 32 minutes with UC18YSL3 charger.
• 4 stage battery level indicator with diagnostic function.
• Compatible with existing 18V chargers and the new UC36YSL.
• Compact and lightweight – similar size and weight as existing 18V 5Ah & 6Ah batteries.
• Eligible for the extended warranty scheme when registered within 4 weeks of purchase.

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