Best Ways to Ensure your Personal Data Remains Safe Online

In today’s data-driven, mobile-first world, keeping one’s personal information private and safe is more critical than ever.

This is because your personal data landing in the wrong hands could not only cause you a financial loss but personal damage as well.

With technology, you are not only worried about the government watching you but also Google searches, your cameras, fitness trackers, Alexa voice assistant, your kid’s toys, and so on. Basically, everyone has access to some of your information.

75% of UK residents are still concerned about the privacy of the personal data shared with companies, even after the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) approval.

The high-profile personal data losses, coupled with a perceived lack of consumer control over private data, fuel these feelings of concern. Still, we are generating more data about ourselves and making it more readily available than ever before.

Since most of our daily lives revolve around technology, we need to follow specific steps to ensure the range of information we share with organizations is reduced.

Best Ways to Keep Your Data Private

Keep your Software Up-to-date

Outdated software with familiar security loopholes is among the easiest ways for cybercriminals to enter your system. While many people find them boring and time-consuming, software updates are critical if you want to keep cybercriminals out of your system.

Other than improving your device’s functionality, software updates offer you security patches, bug fixes, and other crucial features. So, make a point of updating your software as soon as the pop-up appears. You can also install them manually by going to system settings.

Use a VPN when Connecting to Public Wi-Fi

While most home Wi-Fi networks are encrypted, the same can’t be said for public Wi-Fi connections. You risk being monitored when you use public Wi-Fi. Also, malware from another person’s device can spread to your device.

Avoid free public Wi-Fi at all costs if you want to keep your data private. But, if you have to use it, ensure you use a VPN for data privacy. A VPN will help to mask your personal data from prying eyes that may be lurking on public Wi-Fi networks.

Use Strong Passwords for All Your Online Accounts

Many internet users make the mistake of creating weak passwords and using the same password for all the accounts requiring logins, including credit card accounts, PayPal, bank accounts, and more.

A password such as “123456” may be easy to remember but it is also effortless to crack. A cybercriminal won’t use much effort or energy to break such a password and gain access to your funds, data, and more.

Creating strong and unique passwords are paramount to keeping your data private and secure. Luckily, there are many software applications and programs that you can use to create strong passwords that are long, difficult to break, and use different characters, including numbers, letters, and other special symbols like # and @.

Disable Bluetooth and Other Apps when Not in Use

It is essential to disable Bluetooth and any other app when not in use as vulnerabilities in such services may be the doorway to your device system, including the data and files on it.

Browse in “Incognito Mode”

When you browse in private or incognito mode, your browsing activity won’t be recorded, and also, you won’t get tracked by your browser cookies.

Therefore, you will manage to keep your online activities private, protect yourself from cyberattacks, and prevent organizations from learning more about you and customizing their ads based on your preferences.

A cybercriminal who gains access to your personal data may cause financial havoc and personal damage as well.

By using the above steps, you’ll be able to keep your data private and secure and avoid many problems in the future.

Guest post by Julie Hughes @TurnOnVPN

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