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Concealed Cistern Problems? 5-Minute Fix

If you’ve ever had concealed cistern flush problems? This 5-minute fix for a push-button toilet mechanism will repair the problem.

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How to Unblock Your Sink – Pro Tip

Grab your plungers, it’s time to unblock that clogged sink using the old-fashioned way. Unblocking a kitchen sink with a plunger might possibly be the simplest video we have ever made, but it works a treat. #plumbing #DIY #plunger

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Omnie LowBoard 15 Underfloor Heating

Omnie Lowboard 15

Roger is back with the next episode of our extension series and he has an Omnie underfloor heating system to install. The first floor is completed using Omnie LowBoard 15. LowBoard is a 15mm thick square-edged wood board water underfloor heating panel floated or mechanically fixed over a flat and even timber or solid subfloor. To avoid underfloor heating problems …

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Get the Best From Your Recip Saw With HiKOKI

Roger takes us through the best practices of using a recip saw with the Hikoki CR36DA 36V Reciprocating Saw. MORE FROM HIKOKI ______________________ Reciprocating saw with a brushless motor. Powered by multi-volt batteries for output similar to mains powered tools. Orbital cutting mechanism. 4-stage plus variable speed control. Toolless blade fitting and shoe adjustment. LED work light. Folding rafter hook. …

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How to Cut & Connect PVC Waste Pipe – Plumbing DIY

Do you want to know how to cut, join, slice and solvent weld PVC waste pipe? Roger is back at Redhill Plumbing to give you a tutorial on how to cut plastic pipe and the tools you can use to get the job done. Roger uses the following tools: Rothenberger Plastic Pipe Slice – Toolstation PVC Pipe Cutter – …

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Bathroom Renovation #3 – Shower Tray Prep

The third episode of our bathroom renovation series in association with Abacus bathrooms. Over the course of this video series, we will show you how to renovate a bathroom from start to finish. The shower tray (or shower former) sits inside the existing floor which means cutting into a very old structure and peering into the past. This part can …

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Bathroom Renovation #2 – What Lurks Under Floor?

Part 2 of our bathroom renovation series and it’s time to pull up the floor boards and see what lurks beneath for Roger to tackle. To be honest, Roger has been doing this for so many years, there aren’t any plumbing or building problems he’s afraid of. #bathroom #renovation #plumbing

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Bathroom Renovation #1 – Demolition & Rip Out

The first episode of our new bathroom renovation series in association with Abacus bathrooms. Over the course of this video series, we will show you how to renovate a bathroom from start to finish. This is the rip out and demolition of the old bathroom before the new wet room can be built. Tools and materials used in this video …

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How to install a bathroom

install a bathroom

A longer video from Roger this time talking through how to install a bathroom which contains useful information for plumbers, installers and householders alike. Roger is installing a bathroom from Abacus because he likes the way the British manufacturer designs its bathrooms with British plumbing systems in mind making them easy to install.

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Kitchen sink drama – Plumbers with rescuer syndrome

Kitchen sink

I was working on a roof trying to get it done, I had no plumbing tools on board and suddenly I was plumbing. Uni had tried to sort out her plumbing problem, good luck to her but one look at it told me she was in too deep and… she had people coming to dinner. What are you going to …

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