Rot, Home Offices & Pipe Problems – ASB #5

Ask Skill Builder is becoming one of our most popular shows, which is great because we get to help you directly and you can take the pictures for a change!

In this episode we have.

Jon Curtis – Has a shower tray leaking and decided to do a full remodel job and fit all-new, larger shower, but has a leak on the floor and the wood has seriously rotted away.

Ian Sta – Looking to convert a single brick outhouse into an internal space, looking at insulation options for external walls, floor and roof.

Biker Chris – Like Ian Sta is looking to build an office in the back garden and wants to make it as warm as possible.

Graham Hine – Tried to fit a McAlpine 40mm multi-fit compression fitting but the central pipe is too large for his waste pipe.

About Dylan Garton

Dylan Garton is a co-founder, video producer and editor for the Skill Builder social media platforms.

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