Software in The Construction Industry

What is The Future of Software in The Construction Industry?

Shaking and remodelling the whole industry, through the development of digital technology, constructors can order brick and mortar to finding skilled labour all through mobile technology whilst on the go, a huge game-changer.

But what about the rise and development of software? Changing and developing as time progresses. Through the rise of robotic equipment and BIM modelling, how the construction industry uses construction software will never be the same again!

We take a look at the future of construction software and look at the many different ways we will be working in the future.

VR, Virtual Reality

We have all heard of virtual reality, a simulated experience allowing us to immerse ourselves into another world, time and setting. Allowing us to feel like we are there in that virtual reality, Virtual Reality is one way in the future that those working within the construction industry will be viewing future projects. The ideal tool for training purposes, Virtual Reality can help design, sell and plan future projects while inspiring a new generation of constructors.

3D Printing

Through 3D printing, you can create not just materials, but also models of future projects. By being able to 3D print, computer-controlled layering of materials into a three-dimensional shape, 3D printers have been used in all industries from aviation to dental and footwear. Allowing you to print components to entire models of project buildings, when it comes to pitching and perfecting your next big project, 3D printing can be incredibly useful.

Project Management Software

With the facility to be used not just in construction but other industries also, the benefits and capabilities of Project Management Softwares have rapidly improved. With different software available, Oracle is a top choice amongst many leading building contractors.  With different programs available for a range of jobs, Project Management Software allows teams to design, build and run a construction site with minimal wastage and efficiency. Ideal for those wanting efficiency, transparency and accountability, it is also thought that Project Management Software can make a building site safer.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI is used to describe a machine capable of mimicking human functions. Through the growth spurt in technology, Artificial Intelligence has exploded and developed at a frightening speed. From problem-solving, pattern recognition to learning, through the programming of these computers and the use of data, machines can understand and be used for a variety of tasks. From processing information, opening issues to changing orders, AI can improve and aid overloaded and stretched organisations.

Building Information Modelling

One exciting piece of software that the construction industry should look forward to adopting and that is BIM Building Information Modelling. Through the use of drones, robotics, IoT, laser scanning and virtual reality, the construction industry, this tool can also assess data while looking at the latest technology innovations. With the ability to bring together all pieces of information, through the use of BIM, this piece of software can analyse all key components about chosen building materials while able to illustrate the entire building cycle from beginning to end, ideal for highlighting any predicted issues. Perfect for reducing costs and mistakes, different systems and products can run alongside one another throughout different stages of the construction process.

There you have it, the next top software tools that us within the construction industry will be using in time not far from now. With an estimated 100 million people worldwide working within the construction industry, it is thought that by the industry embracing these new construction software programmes a shocking £1 trillion could be saved and added to profit.

With the future of software within the construction industry looking bright, we for one are very excited to see how the construction industry progresses in future years.

Whether it be a company relying on the use of a Project Management Software programme to the increase of 3D printing when planning and developing an exciting new project. Regardless of your expertise or skills, through the use of software and the advances entailed, you too as a company can improve your profit and efficiency by embracing these digital advances.

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