Magnetic Filters – Keep Your Boiler Free of Sludge

magnetic filters keep your boiler free of sludge youtube thumbnail

How to keep your boiler clean and sludge-free with a magnetic filter. Trade Tec Magnetic Boiler Filter 22mm 🛒 MagnaClean MC22002 Magnetic Filter 🛒 Boiler-m8 Defender-2 🛒

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Testing Plumbing Without Water

testing plumbing without water youtube thumbnail

Roger shows us how he performs an air test on central heating systems. Schrader Valves: 🛒 Bike Floor Pump with Gauge 🛒

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Power Everything in Your Workshop With 1 Battery

power everything in your workshop with 1 battery youtube thumbnail

Save up to £300 on all the products (except the new arrivals), get yourself an EcoFlow for this winter (Nov.14 – Nov. 28). Purchase from EcoFlow official website: 🛒

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Installing External Wall Insulation – Is it a DIY Job?

installing external wall insulation is it a diy job youtube thumbnail

EWI Store is the insulation and render specialist. 🔗 Dryrod Damp Proofing Rods 🔗 What are the advantages of external wall insulation? • Reduced heat loss and energy bills • Fewer draughts • Does not disrupt the house while being installed • Does not reduce internal floor area • Allows walls to contribute to thermal mass (the ‘tea …

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Laser Cutting & Engraving With the CR-Laser Falcon

laser cutting engraving with the cr laser falcon youtube thumbnail

Creality Official Store: Discount code with $30 off: FALSB Amazon: Creality CR-Laser Falcon Engraver 10W @OFFICIALCREALITY3D on YouTube

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Truss Buddy Tool Belt Rigs – Designed by Tradesmen

truss buddy tool belt rigs designed by tradesmen youtube thumbnail

We take a quick look at the range of tool belts and accessories from Truss Buddy. 🔗 About Truss Buddy Tools Truss Buddy Tools are a 4th generation family business, manufacturing, selling and distributing tools for the construction industry. Headquartered in the shadow of the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland our goal is the continuous development of new and …

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An Important Message From Skill Builder

an important message from skill builder youtube thumbnail

Please help us to support The Lucy Rayner Foundation. The Lucy Rayner Foundation official website 🔗 Supporting Your Family’s Mental Health 🔗 Instagram 🔗 Twitter 🔗 THE PROJECT We hope it will be a centre of excellence, a recognized building that promotes good mental health in young people aged 14 yrs – 39 years. The …

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How To Repair Underfloor Heating Leaks

how to repair underfloor heating leaks youtube thumbnail

Roger shows us how to repair an underfloor heating leak. 16mm x 16mm Coupling Connector 🛒 Pipe Re-Rounding Tool 🛒

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Which Clamp Is The Best?

which clamp is the best youtube thumbnail

Dan takes us through his clamp collection and the features & benefits. Dan’s Roofing Square: G Clamp Set 🛒 Irwin Squeeze Clamp 🛒 Bessey Single-hand Clamp 🛒 Axminster Quick Lever Clamp 🛒 Irwin Bar Clamp 🛒 Ratchet Clamp 🛒 Bessey F Clamp 🛒 Faithfull FC Flooring Clamp 🛒 Bessey Sash Clamp …

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Building a Temporary Home

building a temporary home youtube thumbnail

Ask us a question ▶ David asked Skill Builder: I’m wanting to build a cabin to live in until our house is built. I’m a cabinet maker, not a carpenter so not well up on structural stuff. I’m going to build the frame from 4×2 and insulate it and slab it, my question is do I have to put …

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Meeting Our Viewers at the D&M Tool Show

meeting our viewers at the dm tool show youtube thumbnail

🎥 TikTok: The Tool Show: The D&M Tool Show. The biggest brands, the latest products, exclusive show deals and more, see us there in 2023.

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Is Spray-on Roof Coating a Con?

is spray on roof coating a con youtube thumbnail

Ask us a question ▶ Martin asked Skill Builder: Some years ago a company put flyers through all the letter boxes for cleaning and painting roof tiles. They claimed it would improve waterproofing. This seemed like a lie to me since the houses were built in the late 60s early 70s with concrete tiles over roofing underlay. I believe …

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