Mystery Leak Reveals Schoolboy Error

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This is a very common problem that keeps cropping up on Skill Builder. Here is Joe’s message: Roger! Your advice saved our new build home and has probably avoided thousands £££ worth of damage. Moved into a new build home 4 weeks ago and with the onset of colder weather, we began to use the heating. Realizing that some of …

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Upgrade Your Shower with Fresh Silicone — DIY Guide

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🛒 Dryzone Silicone Sealant Replacement Kit (Anti Mould) Complete kit for Professional looking joints in Kitchens and Bathrooms. • All-in-one Silicone Sealant Replacement Kit – everything you need to successfully replace damaged, discoloured and mouldy sealant in bathrooms and kitchens • Don’t revive or retouch – replace! Dryzone Silicone Sealant Remover breaks down existing sealant so it can be …

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Water Seeping Under Door and Wall

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Roger looks at the problem of water leaking under the front door threshold. Aco Hex Drain Channel & Grating 📪 Ask Skill Builder:

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Unlocking the Secrets of Structural Engineering – An Expert Interview

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John Cranna Structural Engineer 🔗 ABOUT John started his consultancy in 1992, having worked for major engineering consultants Ove Arup, Scott Wilson and Halcrow. ​ He has worked on large buildings, including constructing the Lloyds of London building. Since becoming self-employed, he has gained experience in the smaller scale of construction for domestic and commercial design. He provides a …

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Is This New Air Source Heat Pump Idea Crazy?

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Bobeka Camper Van Conversion 🎬 This is Why Heat Pumps May NOT Be The Future 🎬 Hydrogen Boilers, Heat Pumps & The Future of Heating 🎬 📪 Get in touch: LinkedIn post by Darran Burrage – New Build Director at Worcester Bosch 🔗

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Why Won’t My Radiator Turn Off?

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Get More Heat From Your Radiators ~ System Balance 🎬 Radiator Not Getting Hot? – Plumbing DIY 🎬 Thermostatic Radiator Valve Replacement Head M30 x 1.5 TRV 🛒 Kartell Thermostatic Radiator Valve + Lockshield 1/2″ x 15mm 🛒

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Foam Gun Not Working? Watch This

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Roger gives us advice on how to use and clean your foam gun. Highest-rated foam guns on Amazon. TOUGH MASTER Foam Gun 🛒 Bond-It Professional PU Foam Gun 🛒 Everbuild P45 Medium Duty Foam Gun 🛒

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How Would You Rate These Tech Products?

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🔽 PRODUCT LINKS 🔽 Reekon M1 Caliber Measuring Tool 🛒 Topdon TC001 Thermal Imaging Camera 🛒 Elprico Air Quality Detector 🛒 Metex Grindermate 🛒 Oumefar P40 Endoscope Video Inspection Camera 🛒 Rag ‘n’ Bone Brown — @RagnBoneBrown CHAPTERS 00:00 Reekon M1 02:44 Topdon TC001 05:13 Elprico Air Quality Detector 07:08 Metex Grindermate 09:20 Oumefar P40 …

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Tool Theft Campaign. What Has Been Achieved?

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Roger catches up with Ian Elliott of CITS (Combined Industries Theft Solutions). 🔗 Founded in 1958, Clancy is one of the UK’s largest privately owned construction firms. 🔗

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Mouldy Shower Cured For Good

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🛒 Dryzone Mould Remover and Prevention Kit The definitive long-term solution to mould with dual-action mould remover & sanitiser spray. About Dryzone Mould Removal and Prevention Kit Tired of cleaning the same mouldy corner again and again? Standard household cleaners can often just hide the symptoms or even encourage regrowth. Dryzone dual-action Mould Treatment Pack immediately cleans the mould …

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The Ugly Truth About Black Mould

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Roger looks at the problem of ugly black mould and explains how we can avoid it. Why does mould grow on walls, why does mold keep coming back and does it make you sick?

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