How To Build A Garden Room Roof ~ Comprehensive Guide

how to build a garden room roof comprehensive guide youtube thumbnail

Roger and Dan demonstrate how to calculate and build a pitched roof. Purchase the Delta Pro from the EcoFlow official website: 🛒 Dan’s Roofing Square & App: 🛒 ForgeFast Timber Fixing Screws: 🛒

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Roll On Plaster ~ Is It Any Good?

roll on plaster is it any good youtube thumbnail

Proper Tools 11 Piece Spatula Set 🛒 Marshalltown Trowel Squeegee 🛒 CurCKuad Skimming Spatula 🛒 Plaster Scoop 🛒 Knauf Proroll Light Plaster 🛒 Knauf Airless Readymix Spray Plaster 🎬 Knauf ProRoll Max is a roller-applied plaster to level the surface of existing walls and ceilings. Ideal for covering up textured backgrounds, such as Artex. …

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Why Does Roger Hate Push Fit Waste Pipe?

why does roger hate push fit waste pipe youtube thumbnail

📪 Ask Skill Builder: Roger looks at some troublesome push-fit pipework in a bathroom. Here’s our message from Mike: Love watching your channel. We are just renovating our bathroom. We’ve been removing as much as we can, but this morning I noticed a leak coming through the kitchen ceiling. Now, the bathroom sink was used and I think I …

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Driveway Double Gates – Made to Measure

driveway double gates made to measure youtube thumbnail

Special thanks to Sam & Jen from SJ Ward Builders. ▶ Driveway Double Gates – Made to Measure Abe from Skill Builder follows Sam and Jen on another building job. They’re showing us how to hang some heavy-duty bespoke driveway gates this time.

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Knock It Down or Save It? You Decide

knock it down or save it you decide youtube thumbnail

📪 Ask Skill Builder: Roger looks at the front of a house which needs some attention but where would you start? Bricklaying With Steve and Alex 🔗 @SteveAndAlexBuild Here’s our message from Dael: Hi, I had numbers of builders coming to all give me a different approach to the issues. So I made a decision to start somewhere to …

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What’s Supporting This Troublesome Chimney?

whats supporting this troublesome chimney youtube thumbnail

📪 Ask Skill Builder: Roger helps Jeff figure out the best approach to making his chimney safe. Jeff’s message: What, if anything, do I need to do about this? Doing up what was the in-law’s house to sell it. The chimney breast was removed from the ground-floor kitchen and 1st-floor bedroom around 50+ yrs ago. My wife and older …

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Why Hasn’t This Simple Problem Been Fixed?

why hasnt this simple problem been fixed youtube thumbnail

Roger has another example of a problem with a simple solution that has escaped the manufacturers. This is easily solved with an arrow to indicate the water flow. Drayton needs to follow the example set by Honeywell.

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Watch This Before Extending Your Home (common mistake)

watch this before extending your home common mistake youtube thumbnail

📪 Ask Skill Builder: Roger looks at a badly prepared floor where the ventilation has been compromised. Ventilating the sub floor in your house properly will help to prevent damp and moisture damage in your floorboards. The installation cost isn’t very high, and it will help you keep damp and moisture out. Sub Floor Ventilation Guide with Checkatrade. …

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4 Roofers Couldn’t Solve This Damp Chimney. Can You?

4 roofers couldnt solve this damp chimney can you youtube thumbnail

📪 Ask Skill Builder: Roger takes a look at a problem Carl Fielding has with a leaking chimney. Here is Carl’s message: I am having issues with my chimney leaking in the attic. I have had multiple roofers come and look and even had a re-roof done. I was told the issue was gone and even got the attic …

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Why Is The Wall Damp & How Did He Fix It?

why is the wall damp how did he fix it youtube thumbnail

Special thanks go to Sam & Jen from SJ Ward Builders. ▶ Wicking, also known as capillary action, occurs when moisture is drawn up a wall from the ground, typically due to a lack of or a faulty damp-proof course. It can cause severe structural damage and mould growth if left untreated. Other underlying issues that may cause wicking …

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