Only if you come from the planet Zog will  you not have heard of Bosch and even that isn’t certain because they have plenty of products in outer space. They also have products in most cars and mobile phones. Much of this expertise (maybe too much?) filters through into their power tool business. At the moment they are concentrating on connectivity between smart phones and power tools. Geeks will love it and it gives building workers a legitimate reason to be playing with their apps.

There are two strands of Bosch power tools; the green Bosch power tools are DIY and the blue Bosch power tools are for the trade. Some cynical people have even suggested that the major difference is in the colour and the price rather than what goes on inside. It is feasible that that they may use the same motor, we don’t know but there is certainly a difference with their batteries where the trade Coolpack batteries gives over twice the service life.

Bosch excels in its hammer drills and breakers and also does a nifty line of laser measuring tools.


bosch power tools

Product review: Bosch GBH 36 VF-LI Plus Professional Cordless Hammer review

In this video I try out the Bosch GBH 36 VF-LI Plus Professional Cordless Hammer.

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