Videos from the web: Builder demolishes work after client says they can’t pay

Builder demolishes work: Builder Nigel Gray got so fed up waiting to be paid £15,000 for a construction job at a council owned property in Shoreham he decided to destroy his own handiwork.

The tennant, Anita Dovey, who had been given permission by the council to make the changes to the property, was given several chances to pay the bill but when she failed to do so the builder began demolishing his work in an attempt to salvage some of the materials used and recouperate some of his losses.

Mr Gray used a sledgehammer to break up the porch from Anita Dovey’s home, removed the conservatory one window at a time and took away the French doors.

Mr Gray told the BBC: “I’m absolutely gutted to have had to do this because it was such fantastic handiwork but I could not just let this go.”

“We just kept on getting a string of excuses and bounced cheques.”

When the work was not paid for, Mr Gray said the local council gave him consent to demolish his  work.

A council spokesman said: “Council tenants are allowed to make improvements to their home. Unfortunately, this private agreement has gone wrong.

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