Hoarding Competition

Ivor Goodsite Hoarding Competition 2017 opens for entries

Entries for the 2017 Hoarding Competition which enables children of all ages to unleash their artistic skills on site hoardings are now open.

Registered sites, companies and suppliers who are interested in the competition have until the 12th of May to complete an entry form.

The entry fee is £400 (+ VAT), which includes two Ivor Goodsite promotional signs, two A2 posters to promote entry in the competition, and prizes for up to 40 participants.

This year, the competition’s fifth year, it has been agreed that sites with a project value of under £2m can enter the competition for a reduced fee of £225 (+ VAT), which includes one promotional sign, one A2 poster and prizes for up to 20 participants.

Entrants should then organise an event with a local school, local community centre or any other local group to help them design and decorate their hoarding around a chosen theme.

All participants will receive Ivor Goodsite prizes including trophies, medals, certificates and fun packs.


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