Allround Insulated Work Jacket

Could a jacket make you more productive?

Snickers thinks so which is why performance and comfort are integral features of the company’s new water-resistant, padded jacket

Top athletes have long enjoyed the benefits of performance wear – so Snickers thinks its about time tradespeople can too. Snickers Workwear is one of the first manufacturers of working clothes to introduce 37.5® Technology into their clothing.

As any athlete will tell you, when it comes to clothing, performance and comfort are closely linked says David Clark, MD of Snickers Workwear: “It’s proven that an athlete’s performance can improve by up to 26 per cent through the use of this advanced technology. So the same could be said of skilled craftsmen and women on site”

This new 37.5 Allround Insulated Work Jacket has all the features and functionality of the other Next Generation working clothes, but without the heavier weight fabrics. It’s a super-light, quick-drying garment that promises to keep the wearer looking and feeling comfy wherever they are on site in colder weather.

Snickers’ Allround garments have become known for their contemporary designs packed with must-have features that focus on fit, comfort and freedom of movement as well as using innovative fabrics that deliver long lasting protection.

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Georgina Bisby
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