About Skill Builder: The video and web resource for the building industry

Skill Builder is a video and web resource for the building industry promoting knowledge, news and expertise designed to help the building community become better skilled, safer and more productive. 

From corporate videos to How To’s and product tests much of our content takes the form of video because research shows that the building community uses video as a primary resource for researching products even if they prefer to buy through traditional outlets. The Skill Builder team are experts in making videos for the building industry with our content bringing products to life and to market.

We showcase much of our work through our YouTube channel and website but we make videos that can be used on your channels, our channels, social channels or a happy combination of them all.

Our team

Roger Bisby is a journalist and television presenter known for his expertise in the British building industry. Roger has featured on Watchdog and Rogue Traders, hosted a radio show and written a number of building-related books.
 Roger has also provided product reviews and insight for Professional Builder magazine for over thirty years.

Roger’s product reviews, experiences and insight are highly valued by the Skill Builder community and he still loves getting out on site.

YouTube 18v Flat bits

Dylan Garton runs production company Motion and is a video editor and producer with over fifteen years experience  creating video for the building industry. His whole family are in the film and video business. Dylan understands the importance of balancing television production quality with YouTube accessibility.

Dylan Garton

Georgina Bisby is an editor and presenter with extensive experience in B2B journalism. Before joining Skill Builder Georgina led the editorial team at a leading B2B publisher where she was responsible for magazine and website launches as well as social media strategy. Georgina loves learning what makes the Skill Builder audience tick as well as finding out about the building industry’s latest technology and trends.

We would love to discuss how we can work together so if you’re interested in video content for the building industry or you want to find out more about Skill Builder, please get in touch, and don’t forget to send us news on your latest products and projects for our website.

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