Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty Driver Bits

Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Impact Driver Bits

With the launch of Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE in 2009, the first line of power tool accessories specifically designed for use with impact drivers had arrived.

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Christmas Message & 2019 Best Bloopers

Christmas Message Bloopers

Our thanks go to all of you for watching us in 2019, you keep us going and make it all worthwhile. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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Has Building Control Lost Control?

Roger's Rant - Building Control out of Control

One less noticeable privatisation was Building Control. It didn’t grab the headlines like gas or water and there was no bonanza for those lucky enough to buy shares in what was essentially a lottery.

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Broken Sewer Nightmare Thames Water Won’t Fix

Broken Sewer Nightmare Thames Water Won't Fix

Thames Water sewage problems. Roger visits the home of a desperate Skill Builder viewer who contacted us to seek advice on a clogged sewer repair problem that Thames Water refuses to help him further with after two attempts at fixing it. Thames Water plc can be found using these links: Facebook: Twitter: Frequent searches related to Thames Water …

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Rant – Rising Damp Strikes Again (or does it?)

Rising Damp Strikes Again (or does it?)

Time for another rant! Roger comes across another example of rising damp and cannot figure out why or how so many intelligent people are rising damp deniers.

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Vlog – HSE Figures Show Fatalities on the Rise

HSE Figures Show Fatalities on the Rise

The annual HSE statistics report for work-related deaths for the 2018 to 2019 period shows a rise in the number of work-related deaths. Between April 2018 and March 2019, 147 workers died from work-related injuries, 6 more deaths than the previous year. Breakdown of the HSE Fatality Figures The 3 industries with the highest number of fatal injuries Agriculture, forestry …

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Snickers Workwear FlexiWork Insulated Jackets and Trousers

Insulated Jackets & Trousers

Superb insulation and full weather protection for optimal comfort on site. Street-smart, stylish looks and market-leading GORE-TEX and 37.5® fabric technology make these jackets and trousers a must for winter on-site or for outdoor leisure activities. You’ll stay warm and dry in this layered clothing that’s robust, waterproof and windproof too! The design and fabric combinations will keep your body …

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Is There No Such Thing as Rising Damp?

No Such Thing as Rising Damp

The anti-rising damp brigade is lead by a couple of gurus, who tell us there's no such thing as rising damp, are deaf to any argument but their own.

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Research Identifies Sustainable Infrastructure Choices for Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge Arc

Aerial view of United Kingdom

The Oxford University-led Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium (ITRC) has developed globally unique methods for simulating future population, housing growth and demand for infrastructure services. The methods explore how the necessary infrastructure can be provided affordably, securely and sustainably. In a significant report published today, the ITRC, led by the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute, has deployed these methods to reveal a series of insights to inform the Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge Arc – one of the UK’s largest …

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Why Does Robin Love Liquid Screed? – Capel #12

Why Does Robin Love Liquid Screed?

Robin's been using liquid screed for around 10 years and in this video, you'll find out why he thinks it's the perfect solution, especially for screeding over underfloor heating.

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