Sparky paddle mixer review


Roger Bisby takes a first look at the 240 V Paddle Mixer from  Sparky. Sparky is a  power tool manufacturer from Bulgaria that also rebadges many of its products for other power tool companies. So if you see something very similar to this paddle mixer this could be because it is a Sparky tool in another colour and probably at …

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To Google or not to Google? That is the Question

Electrical checks

Some years ago I was working at a house and I discovered that a boiler flue that passed through a floor void had become detached and was leaking into the floor void. I told the householder and she said that both her daughters had once used that bedroom and had become ill. They went to the doctor and he started …

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Metabo KGS 18 LTX 216 Cordless Mitre Saw Review

Metabo KGS 18 LTX 216

Roger Bisby has a look at Metabo’s new battery operated mitre table saw to see how it performs. “Personally I have never needed the level of portability from a mitre saw that is provided by cordless technology, given the choice, I would always rather find a power supply and plug in to the mains and given the fact that you …

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How to: Franke Laser LSX651 sink installation

Franke LSX sink

The Franke Laser LSX651 has a super slim low-profile edge that beds down onto the worktop to produce a sink that is virtually flush. This will keep the customers happy, but what’s in it for the installer? Franke claims that their clipless sink, which has a patented spring clamp in the sides, is 10 times faster to fit. Despite being …

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BSS adds pump range

Salmander pump

BSS, the heating and pipeline product distributer, has added a selection of quiet, reliable and robust Salamander pumps to its product range. Whether mains- or gravity-fed, for individual items or for a whole system; the new range provides pumps to boost water pressures for both light commercial and domestic installations. Products on offer include: HomeBoost Mains Water Pump; ESP Super …

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Worker falls through roof light

Construction deaths rise

A scaffolding company based in Dorset has been fined for safety failings following an incident where an employee fell through a roof light. Weymouth Magistrates’ Court heard how Weller Scaffolding Limited of Dorset had been contracted to erect access scaffold and perimeter handrails around the roof of a small industrial unit at East Road, Bridport. An employee of Weller Scaffolding …

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Product review: Thermal Economics – Isosonic Dekfloor 30

Acoustic floor

Roger Bisby takes a walk across some Isosonic Dekfloor 30 from Thermal Economics as it is being installed in a refurbishment project. Sound insulation can be a tricky business, things that work well in the laboratory may fair less well on site. There are so many things that can undo all that design work, a nail, a screw or a …

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Hedgehog Easy Air Wedge review

Hedgehog Easy Air Wedge review

Roger Bisby looks at the benefits of investing in an inflatable wedge which has been designed to make fixing and levelling easier. We have looked at pump up bags fairly recently but these are called Hedgehog Easy Air Wedge from easy innovations and have a subtle difference that you can’t see from looking at them. The secret feature is a …

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Cuts almost anything

Angle grinder

Husqvarna has introduced the  VARI-CUTTM blade, a cost efficient premium diamond blade designed to cut almost anything a general contractor comes across on a workday including pipe, steel rebar, bricks, blocks and concrete slabs. No need to switch blades The versatile, fast and durable diamond blade is launched as a universal blade, combining a wide application window with fast cutting speed …

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Dunlop releases rapid-drying filler

Dunlop Rapid Rescue

Dunlop has launched a brand new rapid-drying filler as an addition to its Pro Décor range. Now available at builders and decorators merchants across the country, Rapid Rescue Repair Filler, with Hydroloc is suitable for quick fix or emergency repairs. Available in 1kg bags, the rapid-drying filler helps decorators sort out the multitude of problems often faced before applying paint or …

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Quickslide launches 70mm casement window system

SynerJy white bow window

Quickslide has been celebrating the kick off of 2016 by introducing a new 70mm casement window system. To coincide with the launch of the new system, we’ve also introduced a range of new wood-grain finishes as standard across both the casement and vertical slider range.

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Asbestos Awareness Course

Crane Whitehall

National risk management expert Lucion Services is offering a free online training course aimed at helping busy construction industry workers refresh their knowledge of the hazards and risks posed by asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). The online course takes just 45-60 minutes to complete and provides a quick and efficient refresher for those who need to be compliant with regulation 10 of …

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Dewalt adds visibility and power to self-levelling laser line-up

Dewalt laser

Dewalt has combined its power tool battery and laser technology know-how and added a 10.8V red and green beam self-levelling cross-line and 360° line lasers to its portfolio. The DCE088D1G and DCE089D1G are the first models in the DEWALT range to feature a green diode. Industry trends have shown that green lasers are the future for applications in construction, specifically …

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Mumford & Wood product library

Mumford & Wood sash window

Mumford & Wood, the manufacturer of timber windows and doors, has announced compliance with NBS National Building Information Modelling (BIM) Library Data for core Conservation entrance, balcony, bi-folding, single and French doorsets as well as Conservation casement windows, box sash and spring sash windows. This is in accordance with the Government’s mandate on all publically-funded new-build projects by spring 2016. …

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“Don’t underestimate role of PVC-U in flood resilience”

Eurocell Flood Resilience

“The extreme winter weather, having ruined Christmas for tens of thousands and likely to cost the country up to £1.5bn, serves to remind those concerned with building design, construction and management of the important role PVC-U building products can play in adding flood resistant and resilience to homes actually and potentially threatened with disaster”, says Chris Coxon, Head of Marketing …

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Heating a kitchen with a Smith’s Space Saver kickspace heater

kickspace heater installation

In this installation video Roger Bisby demonstrates a great product for anyone looking for heating ideas that save space and money. The key is that the Smith’s Space Saver heater runs off the existing central heating. You’re probably wondering how this tiny little heater is going to heat a kitchen, and you’re almost certainly thinking it’s an electric fan heater …

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Product review: Polyco Gloves

Polyco Gloves

A lot of building workers, me included, struggle to do a job wearing gloves. My hands bear testament to the fact. These days it is more or less taken out of your hands, if the site rule is that you wear them then you wear them. But if you are going to wear them you might as well wear some …

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