Every Heating Installer Should Know This

NRG Awareness

With over a century of combined team experience in the heating industry, NRG Awareness is the gold standard for all designers and installers.

NRG Awareness is a pioneer in the heating industry, offering energy-effective heating system design combined with ongoing support for installers, resulting in successful partnerships throughout the construction or retrofit process.

The NRG Awareness story

Our story began very early in the technological heating age; we realised that despite all the new devices in the heating, ventilation, and hot water market, the same old issues remain.

Installers are overwhelmed by the need for up-to-date, better and more technical information and know-how, but their target continually moves with every additional innovation.

Their real-world experience in the heating industry confirmed that the same topics repeatedly lead to customer dissatisfaction and profit-wasting callback hassles for designers and installers despite the horrendous energy wastage with inadequate circulation and inaccurate heat delivery.

The problem applied to all fuel-type systems, and the newer, more technically advanced appliances highlighted the difficulties even more to the end-users.

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