Ah! Festool. What can we say. They are almost a religion, such is the faith that some people have in this brand.

At one time they seemed a little too expensive for the average British trades-person but Festool is managing to build a very impressive following.

You can spot a Festool customer a mile off. They tend to be of smart appearance with tidy vans, they like order and precision in their lives.

They tend to charge quite a lot for their services but when it comes to buying tools and materials they never look for the cheapest.

So is the high price and elite image of Festool justified or is it all about the stacking cases and the system? We would say a little bit of both.

There is undoubtedly a snob element there but there is nothing wrong with believing you are a cut above the average so long as you continue to deliver and for the most part Festool does.

They have some clever kit but they are being copied.  Everything that has a function is coloured bright green.

We also  love their kettle lead system where you can plug the corded tools into a universal supply lead

festool power tools
festool power tools

Multi Tool Showdown! Review of 9 Best Oscillating Tools

multi tool showdown review of 9 best oscillating tools youtube thumbnail

Multi Tool Showdown featuring 9 of the best cordless oscillating multitools. Buy The 9 Best Oscillating Tools 🛒 Bosch GOP 18 V-28: https://amzn.to/2U2trDU 🛒 Bosch GOP 18 V-28 kit: https://bit.ly/382wOmc 🛒 DeWalt DCS356N 18v XR Multi-Tool (body only): https://amzn.to/3pEmbNa 🛒 DeWalt DCS356 18v XR Multi-Tool Kit: https://amzn.to/2IIvs67 🛒 FEIN Multimaster 700 (body only): https://bit.ly/2VVIIHP 🛒 FEIN Multimaster 700 Kit: https://bit.ly/33TYg3e …

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Festool Launches Cycle Challenge to Promote Lung Health to UK Trades

festool cycle challenge

Festool, the supplier of high-end power tools and accessories, has launched a new Cycle Challenge to raise money for the British Lung Foundation (BLF) and to promote lung health to UK tradespeople. The Cycle Challenge will feature two static Wattbikes that will join Festool’s impressive UK roadshow on its European leg in July. Members of the trade will have the …

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Festool Kapex KS 60 Sliding Compound Mitre Saw demonstration

Festool KS 60 Sliding Compound Mitre Saw

In February Skill Builder was invited to Festoool’s UK HQ for an exclusive demonstration of the new Festool Kapex KS 60 Sliding Compound Mitre Saw. In this video Philip Beckley, Festool’s training officer, provides a comprehensive demonstration of the new machine and talks through some of its key features and benefits. www.festool.co.uk

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Festool TS 55 REQ Plunge Saw REVIEW

Festool TS 55 REQ Plunge Saw review

In the first part of this Festool TS 55 REQ Plunge Saw review Roger Bisby talks through some of the features and benefits of this porduct. Viewers are invited to ask questions about the saw which will be answered in the second part of the review when Roger takes the product out on site. Festool describes the Festool TS 55 …

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The best drill test on Youtube or a waste of time? You decide

roger bisby

Roger Bisby takes us behind the scenes of the latest Skill-builder 18 volt drill test  which puts drills from Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Metabo, Festool, Hitachi and Panasonic through their paces. The Skill-builder 18 volt drill test has proved to be our single most successful YouTube video ever with over 3/4 of a million views and rising. It has also …

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Which 18v drill is best?

Which 18v drill is best?

If you’re thinking of buying an 18v drill and you’re wondering which 18v drill is best, Skill Builder has some useful resources that might help you to make a decision. In our series of three YouTube videos, we put drills from Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Metabo, Festool, Hitachi and Panasonic through their paces. You can view these videos via the …

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