Fitting CaberDek ~ How To Build An Extension #5

James & Ian show us how to install Norbord CaberDek in part 4 of our series.

ForgeFast MDF & Chipboard Flooring Screw:

ForgeFast is a complete range of Elite Performance Woodscrews. ForgeFast screws feature a proprietary self-drilling thread based on a DIN338 wood drill design.

Spiral grooves form the drill cutting edge and drill flutes remove rather than displace timber reducing splitting and jacking.

The self-drilling thread design reduces torque so power tool batteries last longer and screws drive in faster.

Splitting and jacking are reduced while pull-out protection is increased to give a firmer fix.

The sharp point, capable of penetrating 0.8mm steel, creates a fast bite and means no pre-drilling is required, resulting in much faster installations.

CaberDek particleboard flooring with tough, waterproof and slip-resistant film.

How To Build An Extension series playlist.

Our thanks go to James and Ian of The Supreme Finishing Company.

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