Hilti VC 10 High suction Wet & Dry Cordless Vacuum

Hilti Nuron Cordless Platform: https://bit.ly/3mS5iSu

VC 10-22 vacuum:
🛠 https://hilti.to/VC10

AG 6D-22 angle grinder:
🛠 https://hilti.to/AG6D-22

DSH 600-22 cut-off saw:
🛠 https://hilti.to/DSH600-22

SR 4-22 handheld recip:
🛠 https://hilti.to/SR4-22

TE 2000-22 breaker:
🛠 https://hilti.to/TE2000-22

DWP 15-22 water tank:
🛠 https://hilti.to/DWP15-22

TE 4-22:
🛠 https://hilti.to/TE4-22

🛠 https://hilti.to/TE_DRS

🛠 https://hilti.to/nuron_batteries

🛠 https://hilti.to/charger

FEATURES for the Hilti VC 10-22 vacuum

High-suction wet/dry cordless vacuum with an optional backpack for tool dust extraction, including hollow drill bits – M class (Nuron battery platform)
Max. Vacuum: 17
Container capacity: 7 l
Dust capacity: 7 kg

• Uncompromised cordless performance – Nuron batteries power the high suction needed for reducing dust exposure during most tasks, including drilling with hollow drill bits.
• Built for mobility – compact footprint, large handles and a weight of just 6 kg make this Hilti’s most agile jobsite vacuum to date.
• Automatic filter cleaning – helps to keep suction high and consistent without interrupting your work (can be switched off for quieter operation).
• Optional backpack straps available – backpack vacuums offer more comfort and agility, while keeping both hands free.
• Optional auto-start available – enables on/off via Bluetooth® remote control.

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