How to Repair a Flat Roof with Everbuild Liquid Roof

Roger shows us how to repair a flat roof on a troublesome roof that’s had several failed fix attempts.

How to Repair a Flat Roof 1
JetVac services give the roof a clean before we begin.

Thanks to Everbuild for supplying materials:

Liquid Roof all-weather system for waterproofing any flat or pitched roof

Sika Everbuild Sikalastic Fleece 120

Evercryl resin-based, fibre reinforced roof repair compound

Evercryl Emergency Roof Repair cartridge

JetVac Cleaning ~ Exterior cleaning specialist based in Canvey Island, Essex

How to Repair a Flat Roof 2
Roger with the products from Everbuild
How to Repair a Flat Roof 3
Everbuild Liquid Roof being applied.
How to Repair a Flat Roof 4
The final repaired roof.

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